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Reliable & affordable surveillance camera systems

Secure your home or business with a free CCTV security quote from Bob Pearce. Deal direct with the business owner.

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Reasons To Choose Us For Your Home Security Camera System

Brisbane Security Alarm Systems

Professional protection

Get a quote from a company with 20 plus years of experience providing CCTV security systems for Brisbane homes and companies.

training and support for Brisbane security alarm systems

Easy To Use

Our CCTV security camera systems are very user-friendly, high quality and customized for your needs.

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High Definition

High quality high definition video surveillance cameras allow you to see what's important to you.

Use your mobile to monitor your alarm

Mobile Friendly

Make your security part of your smart home with mobile viewing of camera video from anywhere.

Brisbane Security Alarm Systems

Secure & Professional

Professional quality security camera systems you can rely on. Backed by the experience of knowing correct placement and proceedures to secure your home.

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Hanwha Techwin 2 security camera

Choose From High Quality CCTV Security Camera Systems

At Brisbane Security Alarm Systems we’ve got a range of cameras for every need. Choose from a range of digital security cameras. We use only high definition cameras, up to 4K for maximum resolution.

Secure your home or business with a free CCTV security quote from Bob Pearce. Deal direct with the business owner.

Call 7 Days A Week Up To 9pm

Our Security Camera Checklist

Before You Commit To Buying Security Cameras Make Sure They Check All Those Boxes

High Quality Designed With Ease Of Use In Mind

Checking your video should be as easy as opening an app. And it should work every time. No fuss, no long delays, no slow playback and awkward video searches.

All cameras are hard wired

Hard wired cameras are the most reliable. By hard wiring all cameras we ensure they have reliable power and video feeds. Never miss and intruder by using hard wired cameras.

All cameras record full time 24/7

Not motion detection only, full time 24/7 video recording. When using motion detection, cameras can miss important events or cut off the start or end of video that is required for proof. This can't happen if you're always recording.

Minimum 4 terabyte hard drive (or larger), surveillance grade

Large hard drives can save enormous amounts of data. That translates into a lot of video recording. By using large surveillance quality hard drives we can ensure vital evidence is kept captured and kept safe.

No wi-fi cameras

You security is best protected by cameras that aren't relying on unreliable interfaces. We've all had our phone or tablet drop off wifi. Don't let you security be compromised by the vaguaries of wifi connections.

No camera batteries to change

Charging batteries is yet another obstacle to having your home protected. All it takes is for you to forget to charge them and you're no longer protected by security cameras.

No ongoing subscription costs or licence fees

When you own a complete security camera system, you have all the advantages of being able to connect and monitor, but without any ongoing fees or links to external accounts.

Neat and tidy installation by licenced technicians

All installation and cabling is done by licensed and conscientous technicians. The end result is a system that is not just tidy and discrete, but very reliable as well.

3 years warranty

Get peace of mind with a full 3 year warranty.


There is only one option these days, you go digital. Digital cameras are so much better that they have pushed analog out of the market. You may still find a few cheap analog systems around but in general the quality of them is so poor they should be avoided. 

Many cameras have night vision inlcuded. Expect night vision ranges of 20-50 metres depending on the camera. We’ll discuss your night vision requirements with you and make sure you get a suitable surveillance camera. 

Some clients express concerns about whether our cameras are vandal proof. They often know a friend who had cameras stolen. We will specify vandal proof cameras (such as the Dahua dome cameras) where applicable. You need not be concerned about missing important footage because your CCTV was stolen.

Most external cameras will be IP67 compliant. That means that can withstand rain. We recommend mounting in a protected area (such as under and eave) because of the harsh Brisbane summer storms we get. 

DVRs and NVRs are essentially the same thing, one for analog and one for network cameras. They’re the box that records your security camera footage and allows you to view it locally or on your phone.

Our systems are all viewable on mobile phones. Where required we’ll set that up for you as part of the install. Please request this as part of your quote.

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Great Prices On CCTV Security Cameras Systems With Installation

Fully installed quality CCTV security systems start from around $2780 - $3180*

*Subject to Internet connection and suitable router, on site inspection, number of cameras, camera selection and Network requirements.

dahua security cameras

If it’s peace of mind you’re after, our team of CCTV installation specialists are professionally trained to help you make the right choice. So let one of our qualified CCTV installers take the guesswork out of securing your home or workplace.

We use quality CCTV security cameras for small businesses, large businesses, home or the office as well as for factories and warehouses – High Resolution IP CCTV Systems.

Our new range of high-definition IP cameras and systems offer features such as colour nightvision and people counting capability. We use Dahua security systems to ensure long and reliable working lifespans for all systems we install.  

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