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Home Security Alarm Systems Brisbane

Reliable and affordable home security for Brisbane Homes and Businesses

Single Level Home, Hard Wired Alarm

Choose from security alarm systems for a single level home.

Two Level Home, Wireless Alarm

Choose from security alarm systems for a single level home.

Business Security Alarm Systems

Secure your business with our alarms. Choose from our 3 systems of get a free quote specifically for your business.
Secure your premises with a free security alarm quote from Bob Pearce. Deal direct with the business owner.
Call 7 Days A Week Up To 9pm
Brisbane Security Alarm Systems

Professional Alarm Security Systems

Get a quote from a company with 18 years of experience providing CCTV security and alarm systems for Brisbane homes and companies.

Use your mobile to monitor your alarm

Monitor With Your Smartphone

Monitor your home security from your phone. You can also choose optional professional monitoring.

24 hour security monitoring

Optional Professional Monitoring

Choose to have professional 24/7 monitoring for just $44 per month. Secure your premises with real time support.

training and support for Brisbane security alarm systems

Training And Support For Alarm Systems

We back our systems with full training and support. Get the most out of your security system by choosing Brisbane best security company.

Features Of Home and Business Security Alarm Systems

Bosch Hard Wired and Wireless Security Alarm Systems For Home


Yes you can still have an alarm if you have pets. Detectors can be configured to allow pets to access you premises without setting off alarms.

Yes you can monitor your alarm from your phone. Choose also to have alerts sent directly to you when a detection occurs. Couple this with CCTV to view your home when you get an alert. You can also choose to have professional 24/7 monitoring for just $44 per month.

You do not need a fixed line. In fact, with the advent of NBN we find it more reliable to use a mobile SIM based system for monitoring your system. 

Alarms are an effective deterrent and warning system. When coupled with alarm system stickers many criminals will choose to move onto an easier target. Alarms give warning when your premises are compromised so you can take action. Security alarms provide significant peace of mind. 

business security alarm system 4 detectors
Example home security alarm system

Great Prices On Alarm Security Systems With Installation

Fully installed quality alarm security systems start from *$1,264.00.

*Subject to on site inspection, number of PIRs, remotes, etc. Ask for a free quote to get an accurate price on your alarm system.

Home security systems Brisbane for peace of mind

We’ve been providing security alarm systems to Brisbane homes and businesses for nearly 20 years. Call today for a free quote and security assessment. Bob Pearce is the owner/operator who you’ll deal with directly. 

We can protect your premises regardless of the size or configuration. We’ve got example systems of single level and two level homes published on this website. Prices are indicative only and you should contact us for a free quote and security assessment. If your home or business does not fit within the scope of the systems offered here please contact us for a free quote for your premises. We’re always available to chat and can give honest advise if that’s all you need at this stage. 

We offer the best alarm security systems Brisbane can get and we stand behind our products. We use quality Bosch alarm systems to protect your home or business. We look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss your security requirements.


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