Solutions for repair and upgrade of your security cameras system

Problems with your CCTV cameras or CCTV recorder? We offer a range of repair and upgrade services for your security camera systems. Call Bob Pearce 1300 799 200 anytime 7 days for a chat or to arrange a free on site quote for repairs or an upgrade. We repair all residential and business systems.
diagnosis of cctv repair

Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

Our experienced technicians will find out what is wrong with your CCTV camera system. From hard drive errors to mainboard faults, we'll find out what is wrong with your system.

technical support for CCTV repair brisbane

Repair & Replacement

Repair and/or replacement of cameras, hard drives, DVRs and any other element of your system. We'll supply compatible equipment to bring your system uptodate and keep it running consistently.

upgrade your cctv system

CCTV Upgrades

We can expand storage, replace DVRs, add cameras or upgrade your entire system. We can supply and install compatible equipment to future-proof your system and ensure ongoing reliability.

Upgrade Your Security Camera System

If your current system isn’t providing the facilities you expect then talk to us. We can upgrade hard drives, make your system remote viewable and phone viewable, add and improve cameras. Newer systems are providing features that were considered out of the range of all but the most sophisticated systems just a few years ago. Bring your system into the new age with better notification systems, easy remote viewing and incredible night vision. 

hard drive upgrade as part of your cctv repair

Upgrade Your Hard Drive

Old hard drives need replaced and small drives need upgrade. Get the storage you need. Bigger hard drives are cost-effective to upgrade. For small increments in cost you can upgrade mant terrabytes bigger.

view remotely as part of your cctv repair

Remote Viewing

Do you need to view your camera system on your remote computer or phone? Talk to us. We'll have you viewing on a system that works quickly and reliably. Plus have push notifications for instance alerts.

upgrade cameras

Camera Upgrades

Newer cameras are really pushing into some exciting territory. Night vision is now available at distances not known a short while ago. And low light colour vision is now coming to affordable cameras.

Please note, if your CCTV system is several years old, it may be more cost effective to replace all components as well as the DVR recorder and cameras. Remote viewing can also be setup on new systems. We’ll help you decide what is the best step for you, whether to upgrade or replace. By giving you different options and costings, explaining the pros and cons clearly, we can assist you to get the right system or system upgrade. 

For CCTV Service and Repairs

Phone me on 1300 799 200 to discuss your best options.

  • Service costs including call out and first 30 minutes: $165.00
  • Replace power supply, usually $165.00 + cost of power supply
  • Replace hard drive, usually $165.00 + cost of hard drive/s (depends on size)
  • Replace damaged cable, usually $165.00 + cost of time to run the new cable/s
  • Replace Camera/s – subject to quote – Free on site inspection & prompt quotes
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