Tips To Prevent Home Burglary

Deterrents are key to avoiding a home burglary.

One of the best deterrents is a home alarm system.

Breaking and entering is one of the most common crimes in Queensland. Skip to halfway down the page if you want to find out how to avoid burglaries. For the rest of us, let’s check out some interesting crime stats first.

In 2018 there were over 38,000 instances of home break ins.

Burglary Figures

An Alarm Will Help

The majority of unlawful break-ins are often crimes of opportunity, where criminals gain entry through an open or unlocked door or window. A working home alarm system would have helped prevent most of these!

It takes only five minutes for most burglars to enter a property.

Invest in a home security system

Queensland police suggest the following these three basic steps to keep your property safe:

  • Make it difficult for an offender to gain entry.
  • Make it difficult for an offender to exit your home with your property
  • Make it unlikely that an offender will want to steal your property (engrave or microdot all items of value, making them difficult to sell or pass on).


How do I prevent a break in?

A home alarm system is the most effective way of keeping your property safe. You can also reduce your risk of burglary by making your home more secure. You can do this in some simple ways that may be cheap or even free to implement. Some examples include:

If you do hear an intruder in the home, don’t risk injury. Dial triple zero (000) at the earliest opportunity, leave the house immediately and go to a neighbour or somewhere safe to contact and wait for police.

If you come home and find your home broken into, report it to the police and do not touch anything. Forensic evidence can easily be destroyed, and it’s important for police to see your home exactly as it was left.

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