Bosch Security Alarm Systems Brisbane

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If you’re looking to protect your home or business with a trusted brand then chances are you’ve put Bosch on your list of providers. We’ve been installing Bosch security systems for decades and can testify to their quality.  Bosch alarms and cameras are a great choice when you value high quality and high reliability. 

Bosch Alarm Systems

Bosch alarms solution series

Bosch has a range of alarm systems, from the corporate focused B Series to the family friendly Solution series. At the top end you can have nearly 100 points connected via wireless and wired connections. This can incorporate access control systems and perimeter control.

The more consumer and small business focused Solution systems are numerous. This range itself has within it a number of ranges and flexible solutions that would suit most security conscious people in Brisbane. Different options will give you 8 or 16 zones, 8 programmable user codes, a variety of arming modes and alarms. You can include daytime alarms, duress alarms and codepad tamper alarms. 


bosch pir

Bosch Motion Detectors

Bosch motion detectors come in a range of options. Your standard PIR (passive infra-red) motion detector (pictured) is available in pet friendly versions, flexible height systems, false detection prevention, and anti-mask technology. 

PIRs are your most common detectors for alarm systems. You can add to those magnetic detectors (for doors and windows), smoke alarms, glass break detectors and photoelectric beams. 

Bosch alarm systems have enough options to suit almost every application. We recommend them highly. If you’re considering installing a Bosch alarm system call us today for advice.

Thinking of a Bosch Alarm System?

We've been installing and maintaining Bosch security systems for decades.

Bosch Security Camera Systems

bosch security camera

Bosch provide a range of security cameras in both IP (digital) and analogue systems. Within those there are cameras for almost every application. From fixed dome cameras to moving (PTZ) cameras and panoramic cameras. And then within those cameras there are a range of video definitions to choose from. Obviously the higher the definition the higher the price, so you can choose from high definition (720p) cameras all the way up to ultra-high definition (4K) cameras. 

bosch hybrid nvr

Many Bosch cameras support ONVIF, the open source camera format. This means you can run them on any recorder that also supports ONVIF. Bosch also make a range of quality recorders for both digital and analoge cameras. They also have hybrid recorders (pictured) that can support both.

Which recorder you choose would depend on how many cameras you need to run and at what resolution. A standard NVR for home or small business would take up to 16 IP and analogue channels. Whereas their full featured NVR will handle up to 128 channels. 

Bosch security software clients are available for all models. They make management of your recordings simple and flexible. You can manage multiple locations, view live and recorded video, and do forensic search. 

There are a lot of options for Bosch CCTV systems. If you want a quote on a system to suit you, or just some advice, please contact us.

Thinking of a CCTV Camera System?

We've been installing and maintaining Bosch security systems for decades.

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