Upgrade Your Home Security Systems

If you have existing alarm and CCTV security systems, you can upgrade them to be better and more comprehensive systems. Below are some ideas for updating those systems and also suggestions for services we offer that will help you with this.

CCTV NVR Upgrades

You have two upgrade options here. You can upgrade the NVR itself, or you can upgrade the hard drive in the NVR.

Upgrading the NVR

Latter model NVRs will have better functionality and ease of use when compared with an older one. If you have trouble reviewing footage and finding events, chances are you want an new NVR. Newer NVRs have some lovely features that make scrolling through footage remarkably easy. It’s like a time lapse on your phone with some systems, and others have  features to identify events and move swiftly between them. You’ll almost certainly find that your cameras load faster and that viewing live and recorded footage is quicker and easier. There are many benefits to upgrading your NVR is you have an older model. 

If you choose to upgrade your NVR the existing cameras must be reconnected to it. If you have an analogue NVR then those are plugged back into the NVR and added through the interface. If it is a digital system then each camera must be added via the web or software interface.  You’ll need to match each camera’s settings to make sure if works properly. This might entail knowing your camera’s make and model, resolution, and what video coding it is using (eg H264, H265, H265+).

Upgrading the NVR Hard Drive
cctv hard drive repair or replacement

If you’re happy with the functionality of your recorder but you need more space then the simple solution is to upgrade the hard drive. We can do this for you or if you are an advanced user you can do this yourself. You must know the login details for your NVR before you upgrade the hard drive. Installing the new hard drive is easy. You open the case, remove the old drive and insert the new one. And this is when you now need the login details. You’ll need to log into the NVR and set-up the new hard drive according to the instructions for that recorder. 

If you need any help or advice with this upgrade you can call us. Bob is always available and can give you information about updating your system’s hard drive.

Please note, hard drives do wear out. A hard drive that is older than three years has seen a lot of action. It’s been running 24/7 for years. These days manufacturers make NAS and surveillance specific hard drives. These are a good fit for a system like this and ensure you get years of reliable usage out of it. If you have owned CCTV system for 3+ years and you haven’t replaced your hard drive then you should consider doing so soon. 

Upgrading Cameras
security camera

It’s not unusual for for people realize their old cameras aren’t as good as those currently on the market. They see the images that other people are getting and realize their own video isn’t up to scratch. Upgrading cameras can give you a significant boost in the quality of the image. Even older analogue cameras can be swapped for newer analogue cameras that give really great high definition video.  You need to make sure that whatever gains you make by swapping cameras will be reflected in the video you see. This means ensuring that your current recorder will show you the full benefits of those upgraded cameras.

If you’re upgrading your NVR you may want to go for a hybrid analogue/digital system. That way you can use your existing analogue cameras and add high definition digital cameras to your security system also. With digital cameras the sky is the limit in terms of definition and video accuracy. If you’re adding new cameras it’s also less wiring, needing a single cable for power and data.

Alarm System Upgrades

security alarm system

There are two main drivers for upgrading alarm systems. The first is wanting to add element to your existing alarm system. The other is wanting better reliability or detection from your existing. 

Adding To Your Alarm System
It’s likely that you have identified an area that isn’t fully covered. You might want a reed switch for a window. Or a motion detector in your garage. It’s a good idea to grow your existing alarm system and remove potential weak spots in your security. You might also want to upgrade existing detectors. For instance, perhaps you have a dog that is triggering a motion detector. There are motion detectors that are pet safe, meaning they’re designed so they will not trigger from a pet’s movement. Another driver for upgrades to alarm systems is wanting detectors that are harder to foil. Thieves know that many motion detectors have weaknesses in how they operate. If you move slow and obscure yourself with a big umbrella you can fool some detectors. If you purchased budget detectors you might want to upgrade them now and increase your security. When it comes to upgrading your alarm system you’re probably need to defer to experts. Give Bob a call to discuss your needs. See also our Alarm Systems Repair page.

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