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We are Brisbane Security Alarm Systems, specialist in Brisbane alarms and security camera systems. We specialize in implementing systems that are functional and reliable. When and incident happens,  you want to know that your cameras have been working. Too often we see camera systems installed by other companies that havent recorded vital activity. The camera stopped working or the motion detection stopped working, or the NVR had shut down and didn’t restart last time you lost power. Or the system was working but it was so complex the owner couldnt’ work out how to extract a video to show police. This doesn’t happen with our systems and this is why you should choose Brisbane Security Alarm System. Our systems are easy to understand and are ultra-reliable. We also back it with a service and advise whenever you need it most.
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Home Security Camera Systems

We have a range of security camera systems that specifically suit home applications. Whether you’re wanting a single or twin camera system to monitor entry points, or you want full house and yard coverage, we’re more than happy to demonstrate to you our camera systems. We invite you to call us and we’ll arrange a demonstration. You can see live video feeds of our exceptionally prices camera systems. Satisfy yourself of their quality before committing to a quote. 

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Business Security Camera Systems

The security needs for businesses vary greatly, and so do the solutions we implement. For a small doctors clinic car-park we used quality analogue cameras to deliver the best cameras at an unbeatable price. For a larger corporate car-park we used high-definition digital cameras with digital zoom. 

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