How to keep your home premises safe

Priority 1:

Install a security alarm system.

Priority 2:

Install CCTV cameras.

Priority 3.

Install a security alarm system as well as CCTV cameras.

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From my 22 years of experience in the security industry, an alarm system will deter thieves from entering your premises. While not impossible that someone may enter, the best prevention is the alarm system and if you include cameras, then you will have the best possible security protection.

Generally, thieves attack houses without security and stay away from houses with alarm systems and cameras. I recommend the alarm as the priority to deter thieves and add cameras to achieve maximum security protection.

If someone does break in the alarm, if ON, will activate and the intruder is very likely to leave immediately.

Cameras alone may not deter a thief and it is possible they can wear a hood over their head and face or break in and take the recorder when they leave so you lose the recorded video.

The alarm system will deter would be thieves however If you add cameras also, that creates even a greater deterrent and you will also be able to view your cameras remotely when away for the premises as long as you have an internet connection and the system is connected to the internet.

Typical costs are – Bosch Security Alarm System. There are various options, it depends if you want the system professionally monitored or self-monitored as to which model is best for you.

Please Note: All estimated prices are for single level homes (unless indicated otherwise) with ceiling access into the roof cavity for installing cables. For two-level homes, some wireless detectors will be required which will add to the installation costs. If there is no ceiling access at all, wireless detectors will be required and we will have to inspect your premises to determine the equipment required.

Typically, detector locations in most homes are -

1. Bed 1
2. Hallway
3. Living area
4. Family Room

Optional for office, garage etc. Note: 2 level homes usually require 2 wireless detectors for downstairs.

Code pad to a central location

You will use remote controls (2 supplied) for arming and disarming the system. Note: 2 level homes usually have the code pad at the top of the stars.

Siren external at the front under the eave

Siren internal - hallway.

Note: usually above the stairs in a 2 level home.

Panel (system brains) usually bed 1 WIR

Or a sometimes a linen cupboard or similar.

Addtional detectors

Additional hard wired detectors are $140.00.
Additional remote controls are $95 each.

Note: A power point is required for all alarm installations, we can usually access one however if not, a power point will need to be installed by a licenced electrician at an additional cost.

Please Note: All “estimated” prices are subject to change and include installation, GST and 2 remote controls. Single level homes require roof access for installing cables otherwise some or all detectors will need to be wireless at an additional cost. All prices are subject to inspecting your premises, all Bosch systems warranty is 5 years except for batteries which have a 1 year warranty. Batteries can be changed by the user.

Alarm Systems

Single level home

Option 1 - 4 hard wired detectors
$ 1,799
installed, includes 5 years warranty
  • Bosch 3000 system
  • 4 detectors hard wired
  • no GSM Unit

Single level home

Option 2 - 4 hard wired detectors
$ 2,634
installed, includes 5 years warranty
  • Bosch 6000 system
  • 4 detectorshard wired
  • GSM communications Unit

Dual level home

Option 3 - 4 hard wired with GSM unit
$ 2,184
installed, includes 5 years warranty
  • Bosch 3000 system
  • 4 detectors hard wired
  • GSM communications Unit

Two level home

With 2 wired and 2 wireless detectors
$ 2,724
installed, includes 5 years warranty
  • Bosch 6000 system
  • 2 detectors hard wired
  • 2 detectors wireless
  • GSM communications Unit


Optional back to base “professional monitoring” is available at $44 per month / 36 month term. Back to base professional monitoring covers the following events 24/7/365 and notifying you if/as required automatically or as per your instructions –

  • Recording all opens and closes (disarming and arming the system)
  • Notifying you if someone has entered the premises (disarmed the system) outside your nominated trading hours (business premises only)
  • A detector/s has activated / triggered
  • You have pressed an emergency button / pendant for Fire Police or Ambulance
  • That the system has reported a fault
  • That the system has a low battery in a detector (if you have any wireless detectors)
  • That the main panel battery is getting low
  • The power to the premise has been off for in excess of 2 hours
  • The system siren has been tampered with
  • A wire has been cut that the alarm uses
  • Someone is tampering with the any component of system
  • Someone has entered a code wrong a number of times (code pad tamper)
  • The system has missed sending a daily polling test signal

In any of these events automatically or as you require, the monitoring room will contact you and or the persons nominated on your contact list.

We cannot give you an exact price until we inspect your premises.

Optional pet-friendly detectors are available, ask us about this option.

dahua cctv systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems

4 or 6 cameras are usually preferred with some customers preferring 8 cameras
(optional locations to be determined).

1. Front right
2. Front left
3. Back left
4. Back right
5. Optional side left
6. Optional side right

Our most preferred camera system is the Dahua high definition 8 Chanel system with 5 megapixel high definition cameras with infrared for night viewing to 50 metres, a 4 terabyte hard drive, wide screen viewing monitor and connected to your internet for remote viewing and 3 years warranty.

Estimate only until we inspect your premises, single level (2 level homes sometimes take a little more time for installation and may require vari-focal cameras if installed under the upper level eaves).

Four Camera CCTV Surveillance System

4 x high definition cameras (price may vary plus or minus subject to inspection of your premises)
$ 3180
inc. neat and tidy installation by professional licenced technician
  • 8 channel high definition 1080P recorder
  • 4 terabyte hard drive, surveillance grade
  • 4 x 5MP high definition cameras
  • 2.8mm lenses, infrared to 30 metres
  • viewing monitor
  • All cables and fittings
  • Extra cameras typically $325.00 each including installation.

Hard wired

All cameras are hard wired.

True wide dynamic range

All cameras have TRUE wide dynamic range which increase image quality in harsh lighting conditions

Record 24/7

All cameras record full time 24/7 (not motion only, full time)

Large hard drive

Large 4 terabyte hard drive, surveillance grade

Professional installation

Neat and tidy installation by Neat and tidy installation by professional licenced technicians technicians.

3 years warranty

3 year warranty on the recorder and cameras. One year on the hard drive (but in our experience they last years).

No wi-fi cameras

No wi-fi cameras. No camera batteries to change.

No ongoing costs.

No ongoing subscription costs or licence fees.

Summary: Our high definition surveillance systems includes 5 megapixel fixed 2.8mm lens cameras allowing for excellent viewing coverage. There is also a vari-focal lens option if required for any cameras that that arerequired to look closer over a specific area or toward … for instance … a front gate or drive entry further away than usual and, sometimes required on a 2 level home when cameras are mounted under the upper eaves.

Ask us more about what camera lenses will be best suited for your premises. 

Please call me to discuss further or if you have any questions. No deposit required, payment by bank transfer when installed. I can usually arrange installation with about 14 days notice, sometimes sooner.

Any queries, please call anytime …. 7 days.

About Us: We have been installing security alarms and CCTV systems into homes and commercial premises for the past 21 years and never had an unhappy customer.

Regards, Bob

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