When Should I Turn My Alarm On?

A question we get asked a lot is how often alarms should be activated. Is it just when you’re out for the day? When I’m on holidays? 

Here's the short answer:

Turn on your alarm whenever your house is vacant

This is based on our experience. In over 20 years of installing security alarms and CCTV, we’ve spoken to countless people who have been burgled. One theme that is repeated over and over is, I was only ducking out for a few minutes. We know that it only takes 5 minutes for a burglar to enter most properties and if you are taking one of your other sources of security with you (the dog) you are leaving yourself open for a home break in. 

That’s why we say, turn on your alarms system when:

Security alarms

Ideally, any time you leave the house you should secure it. If you are out the back gardening someone can walk straight in the front door. A quick drop in on the neighbours is no excuse not to lock up properly, nor is ducking down the shop to pick up some milk. 

Also double-check all external house doors and cars doors outside are locked at nighttime. Thieves go house to house looking for an unlocked car or house door.

Thieves can be waiting in the street and see you leave the house and take the opportunity to immediately break in.

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